Automation of Five Natural Gas Compression Stations

The latest works have been carried out on the automation systems of five field compressors. The physical locations of the compressors are located at relatively large distances from each other (60-100 km). This was the reason why it was necessary to develop an application for remote monitoring and control of the five compression stations. The application shown in the following images manages the information related to the engine-compressor group, lubrication installation, cooling water circuits and liquid and impurity separation installation in the processed gas.

In addition to viewing the process parameters, the application allows the launch of general commands to each station, such as starting/stopping the compressor, as well as entering the sequence of putting in/taking out of load. The three-dimensional synoptic pages facilitate the identification by the operator of the equipment in the technological installations. With just one click, you can get to the customized visualization and order forms for each piece of equipment.