Centralized System for Monitoring and Operating a Natural Gas Transport Technological Node


Centralized system for monitoring and operating a Technological Node for natural gas transport

In the period 2008 - 2009, Hasel Invent, under the name "CENTRALIZED SYSTEM OF MONITORING AND CONTROL OF A NATURAL GAS TRANSPORT TECHNOLOGICAL NODE" created a modern and complex product intended for the automation and monitoring of the functioning of technological nodes within the equipped natural gas transport networks with valves with electric, pneumatic or hydropneumatic actuation. The product contains both HARDWARE equipment and a part of SOFTWARE, integrated into a flexible control and data acquisition system, which ensures the possibility of automatic management of all processes carried out at the level of a natural gas transportation technological node.

Through the implementation of this system, centralized local monitoring and control is ensured, as well as complete automation of existing technological installations in a natural gas transport node, such as: on/off valves, regulating valves, odorization installations, godevil receiving/launching installations , methanol injection plants, gas heating plants, etc. The system also ensures the acquisition, numerical processing and memorization of technological parameters (pressures, temperatures, flows), facilitating the possibility of integrating these stations into S.C.A.D.A. type systems.

The system was designed in such a way that it can be easily adapted to various configurations of a technological node, regardless of the type of shareholders with which the valves are equipped and regardless of the type of parameter transducers and flow calculators used to measure the quantities of gases circulated through the node . Its HARD structure also allows the integration within the same monitoring and control installation of actuators from several manufacturers and of various generations, from simple electromechanical or pneumatic ones to intelligent ones with digital communication, so that an operator using this system can have total and perfect "transparent" control of all electrically, pneumatically, or hydropneumatically operated valves in the technological installation, using the same controls and viewing the status information for all types of valves used in the same way. Also, the system can take data from any type of parameter transducer, either with unified signal 4-20mA and HART communication protocol, or with exclusively digital communication (Modbus RTU, Profibus DP, Foundation Fieldbus, Lon Works, etc.) , being able to integrate transducers with wireless communication into its structure.

The central element of the product is a digital data acquisition and processing system that allows the retrieval of information from the field instrumentation and the provision of commands to the valves by means of a process computer equipped with a monitoring and command program developed by Hasel Invent specialists, configurable for any technological hub structure for transporting natural gas. The developed monitoring and control program has been registered since 2009 at the Romanian Copyright Office and was implemented for the first time at the end of 2009 at the Onești Technological Node within the Mediaș National Gas Transport Company.

The main features and command and monitoring possibilities offered by the program are as follows:

  • The program contains a graphical interface in the form of a three-dimensional synoptic diagram, as can be seen in Fig. 1, displayed on the screen of the process computer, which presents real-time information on the position and status of all electrically or pneumatically operated valves, the position of all mechanically (manually) operated valves, as well as the values ​​of pressures, temperatures and gas flows acquired from the instrumentation installed in the station, ensuring, at the same time, the possibility of controlling the valves with electric or pneumatic actuation by the operator through the process computer.
  • The position and status information of electrically and pneumatically actuated valves, as well as the values ​​of technological parameters, are retrieved automatically through serial data transmission from measurement, control and data acquisition systems, and the status and position information of actuated valves mechanics (manual) will be able to be entered by the operator from the process computer keyboard using personalized usernames and passwords.
  • The program allows the operator to view on the same screen all the information necessary to control the technological node, as well as the possibility of executing closing, opening, stop commands for valves with electric or pneumatic actuation, directly from the process computer, by using passwords and names user that can be chosen later by the beneficiary.
  • Any maneuver performed on the valves with electric or pneumatic actuation, through the graphic interface, is saved together with the time of execution and the name of the user, and if the maneuver is not done from the computer, but through the local electric or pneumatic command, at least the moment is saved in which the valve position was changed. Also, any change made in the synoptic diagram on the displayed position of the valves with mechanical (manual) actuation is saved together with the time it was made and the user's name
  • The program allows the generation of reports with the history of events on time intervals chosen by the beneficiary.
  • For the technological parameters of the technological node (P,T, Q, etc.), graphs with their evolution over time can be presented at intervals chosen by the beneficiary.
  • Closed, open and intermediate valves are symbolized differently. Likewise, the valves where communication with the control system is interrupted or are de-energized will have, in the synoptic diagram, symbols different from those with normal operation.
  • Actuation torque value as a percentage of the maximum value (only for those for which this parameter can be retrieved by electrical signal)
    • end of stroke limit reached
    • the sense of actuation (for which the command was given)
    • valve stroke value in percentage of the maximum value (only for those for which this parameter can be retrieved by electrical signal)
    • the actuation torque value as a percentage of the maximum value (only for those for which this parameter can be retrieved by electrical signal)
  • All stored data can be retrieved later, via the network or on physical media for analysis and processing.
  • The program ensures the possibility of controlling the regulating valves through the process computer, either by prescribing pressure values ​​that will be automatically maintained by the electronic regulator, or by prescribing a percentage of the valve stroke.

In this structure it can be seen that the product can be used with spectacular results either in the modernization of an existing technological node, equipped with various types of valve actuators and various types of process instrumentation, or in the execution of a new technological node designed to work with equipment and instrumentation of the same type, in both cases, the interface with the HMI operator, being done in the same way. The gallery below illustrates some of the functionality of the featured solution.