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Hasel Invent, headquartered in Tg. MureČ™ has been carrying out design and mounting works, as well as maintenance works, in the field of automation of processes in environments with danger of explosion since 2005, having in general concerns for the monitoring and control of technological installations in the oil and gas industry. In this field, the company has a series of remarkable technical achievements, some of which are the subject of patents that have been successfully applied in the Romanian natural gas industry for more than 10 years.

Our company also provides budget/cost estimates, development of tender specifications, automation concepts, operating and monitoring concepts, as well as electrical calculation and sizing of measurement, protection and control equipment. We have experience in developing programs in the field of industrial automation using the Siemens and Phoenix Contact PLC families and their related software packages, as well as software produced by National Instruments and Allen Bradley.


We have a design team capable of carrying out the complete design of an automation installation for industrial processes, starting from the selection of equipment and the elaboration of electrical diagrams to the 3D modeling of the installation and the development of software applications at the level of PLC, HMI and monitoring and operating station.


Mounting is one of the basic parts of any project, especially in environments with a risk of explosion, so our team always makes sure that all components are mounted according to the technical specifications of the manufacturers and the regulations in force, so that your installation can benefit from safety in operation for as long as possible.


Our experience consists of, but is not limited to, the mounting of parameter transducers, electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic actuators of valves, flow measurement systems and automation panels. We also perform the necessary cable routes and electrical connections, as well as all the necessary tests for the commissioning of the automated technological installations.


We provide preventive and corrective maintenance during the guarantee and post-guarantee period for valve actuations produced by the companies BIFFI, AUMA, ROTORK, LIMITORQUE, DREHMO, BERNARD, NIWATECH, AVAMO and not only, but also for the rest of the equipment and software packages that we implement in automation systems.

5 Projects

Five field compressor automation projects for natural gas, executed and commissioned in 2016

3 Projects

Three automation projects for technological nodes for natural gas transmission, executed and commissioned in 2017

2 Systems

Two pressure and flow control systems for underground natural gas deposits, executed and commissioned in 2019

2 Systems

Two centralized measurement and metering systems with control from the command room for industrial cooling water installations in the chemical industry, executed and commissioned in 2020

1 System

Pressure and flow regulation system for underground natural gas deposits in progress of implementation.

1 System

A 6kV, 1 MW diesel generator group automation and synchronization system, from the chemical industry, executed and commissioned in 2019

3 Systems

Three natural gas regulation and measurement systems, containerized, with a capacity of about 10 000 Nm3/h each, fully automated, commissioned in 2021/2022

2 Projects

Two containerization SRM automation projects in progress in 2023

5 Contracts

Five contracts of preventive and corrective maintenance for automation and gas measurement installations in the oil and gas industry, ongoing in 2023

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